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"Hello! I'm Lorna. I thought I'd let you know a bit about me, as the author of a tale I hope you'll love. 

I'm a native of British Columbia, Canada, currently a resident of the city of Kamloops. I work as a Safety Advisor for a major utility, and I'm also working toward a university degree.

Though I've dreamed of being an author since childhood, and made several attempts at novel writing, The Dragons of Nibiru is my first published novel.

I drew inspiration for the book – and the series it begins – from observations of life over the years. Chief among these were clashes among diverse cultures, and the struggles of former cult members to get on with their lives and find happiness.       

While continuing the Dragons series, I'm also planning a vacation to the Pleiades Cluster – providing I can find suitable transport (technological or otherwise)."
~ Carleton, L. J. (n.d.). Blog. The Dragons of Nibiru. https://www.lornajcarleton.com/blog 

This package includes the first three books in Lorna's The Dragons of Nibiru series - signed by the author, a necklace with a single crystal, as well as dragon and gold rock figurines.  The third book will be hot off the press!

Book titles:
Dragons of Nibiru
Dragons of Earth
Dragons of Remini

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Lorna J. Carleton
805 TRU Way
British Columbia

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